Human-Trafficking/Prostitution Offenders Program

A community effort in ending the demand for prostitution and ending the sexual exploitation of women and children for safer communities.

POP is a program designed for men who receive tickets for attempting to solicit another for an act of prostitution. Participants attend four separate classes over a one month period. Each class covers different topics related to prostitution and human trafficking focused on and self-reflection.



The program costs $200.00 in total. The fee must be paid in full before the first class.

The fee can be paid in person at our Trumbull address during business hours or on our website: (click here to visit donation page).



  • Male age 17 or older.
  • Recipient of a ticket for Offer to Engage the Services of Another for an Act of Prostitution. 
  • Sanctioned by a court to attend the program.


Program Description 

The program consists of four classes that discuss the following topics: legal consequences, health risks, survivor perspective, community impact, gender socialization as relates to prostitution and human trafficking and self-reflection. The topics/classes are designed to be presented in order to maximize self-reflection.


The program cycle is provided one time monthly. The dates vary from month to month. Please contact us for the current schedule. The class time is 7:00pm to 8:30pm on week nights. Participants must arrive 15 minutes early for sign-in.


Program Features 

  • Live presentations in combination with videos and printed materials
  • Presenters are credentialed experts in their respective fields Reading and writing assistance is available
  • Printed materials are available in Spanish and Arabic
  • Presentations are offered in English with onsite interpreters in Spanish and Arabic.
  • Pre/Post surveys are conducted for quality improvement and evaluation


*Payments must be made at our office at:

2026 Lawndale St.  | Detroit, MI 48209 


Why this is important 

  • Michigan is ranked No. 2 in the nation for human trafficking in the sex trade (TheTimesHerald, 2016.)
  • Demand for commercial sex is what drives prostitution.
  • Areas where prostitution is prevalent feel unsafe to residents, visitors and businesses.
  • Pimps and human traffickers recruit and/or kidnap young adults and children into prostitution from the local areas where prostitution is already taking place.
  • The average age the majority of prostituted women entered into commercial sex trade is 12-13 (Hunter, R., 2011.)
  • Prostitution is associated with higher crime rates.
  • Active prostitutes have a risk of murder 18 times higher than people not involved in commercial sex trade (Hunter, R., 2011.)
  • Prostituted individuals suffer from multiple problems including physical and sexual abuse and associated mental health problems, drug addiction, homelessness and unemployment.

For more information, please contact us at (313) 967-4880 and ask for Community Court.

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